Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life is Good.

There is nothing especially special happening to make me say that statement, I am just feeling it so I thought I should say it out loud before the feeling passes.:)

It was a good day at church and we love our Sunday afternoons as a family. Bryan and I were talking about our day at church and at a lull in our conversation Bella piped in and said, "lets talk about what I did in primary today." She never does that so I thought it was so cute and she shared quite a bit about what she learned about Joseph Smith in her class. It was really sweet. She has been being such a sweet big sister lately. She really does watch out for and take care of Gracie. She has been calling her Sweetie lately, it is so cute.

Gracie happily climbed the stairs all by herself to go take a nap and hollered down, "I love you Dad, I love you Bella." She was prompted to do that but it was still very sweet. Bella hollerd back, "I love everyone," and Gracie repeated, "I love you Bella."

I am feeling very grateful for my sweet girls and my sweet husband today. Bryan has been doing a lot around the house lately and really helping me while I have been feeling so tired from moving and putting together a new home. Yesterday he asked me if I would like to go take a nap and while I napped he hauled away two loads of cardboard boxes and styrofoam and such from all of the furniture and things we have purchased for the house. It was very sweet.

We still have not hung anything on the walls and there are still some boxes that have not found homes yet, but that is ok. I have a mountain of laundry to do tomorrow and the house needs to be cleaned (After two weeks I guess I need to do some regular cleaning in the bathrooms and such) and there is a major grocery run that needs to be made. Sooo I still have lots to do and no energy to do it with, but for now I am going to enjoy my Sunday afternoon and my family and enjoy the feeling of life being good - because it is.

P.S. We had a great Christmas and my sisters wedding was beautiful and we had the most fun 40th anniversary party for my parents, and right after we got back from Utah we moved into a house, but that all seemed too overwhelming to write about so I just decided to start from now instead of trying to catch up on everything. :)

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