Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's Been Happening?

Well, lots has been happening. Let's see if I can make a little list to keep things simple.

* My sister got married in Sacramento - it was beautiful and wonderful.
* All my family came out for the wedding. We had an awesome time and a very cool family reunion. It was wonderful.
* We moved to Southern California right after my family left. It was not wonderful. I dearly miss Folsom and my wonderful friends and awesome sisters!
* Plus side of moving was getting annual passes to Disneyland...we have been several times. :)
* Another plus side is the great weather down here. We have enjoyed many days at the park and the pool and a lot of time on bike rides.
* Tess turned 1 year old! She is such a fun and sweet baby.

That pretty much sums up my last few months. We are adjusting to our new home and hope it will really feel like home soon. Isabella is very anxious to start school but hopefully she will find that it will be fun. Gracie desperately wishes she were starting school. Hopefully we can do some kind of joy school with her. Tess is doing all the regular things that 1 year olds do, one minute she is happy that next she is screaming. :) We love her.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Hangin' Out

So there is nothing amazing to report that is going on but I am trying not to let forever go by without posting again. We are just hangin' out and playing with this cute baby. She is just like most babies I know.... bi-polar!! One second she is as happy as can be and the next she is crying and just wants to be held. Oh well, we are still having fun with her. Her big sisters absolutely adore her. Isabella can't wait to see her everyday after school. Bytheway, she cannot pull herself up to the couch like that. I propped her up there and she was pretty tickled about it. She wishes she could do those things but she is still just a little squirt.

Our wednesdays and thursdays are pretty boring and lonely lately. Bryan is working in Newport Beach on those days every week for now. None of us deal with being apart very well so hopefully it won't last too long. I am a pretty boring mom and the girls really miss him while he is away. He makes things fun and exciting at home. We have a whole new appreciation for the song, "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home."

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The girls had a lot of fun coloring Easter eggs this year. I bought an egg coloring kit last year with some cool sparkly paint in it but we never got around to doing eggs last year. So I pulled it out this year and sadly the paint was all dried up. I improvised and got out the glitter glue and let the girls go to town.
We had a very fun Easter at my sisters house. The girls were so happy to play with cousins. After conference we had an very yummy dinner and then did an indoor easter egg hunt for the kids since it was raining really hard - all day! They had a lot of fun and ended up with way too much candy! I don't know why I always buy so much candy because I end up eating a ton of it - wait, maybe that's why I always buy so much candy.:)

We had so much fun having Abuela here with us over Easter. The girls absolutely love having her here and once Tess got over her first little cry of seeing her when she first got here she was her best buddy.

Spring Has Sprung!

You know it is Spring time when you have birds make a nest in your decrative wreath on your front door. It is a cute little nest I think. There are no eggs in it yet but I think the birds are still working on the nest. I hear little scratching sounds on the front door from time to time. It was creepy until I realized what it was. I guess we will wait and see if some cute little eggs end up there. I keep trying to sneak around the house when I hear them there and get a picture with the birds inthe nest but I have not been sucessful yet. Maybe later.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Know What You're Thinking!

Ok, I know you are all thiking, "Wow, three must have really done Melanie in!" Actually we are doing gret and we love our new little addition. I just got out of the blogging mood for a while. I thought I might be better at blogging than at journaling,(I am still using the same journal I got for my 8th birthday) but I guess not! :)

I guess we'll see how long my blogging mood lasts this time.

Tess Eva Gibson

Ok, so she is 6 months old now, but still worth announcing. Tess was born August 17th and was a sweet 6 lbs. 12 oz. She is still a petite little thing but we love every little bit of her. She is a very happy baby and has made me feel very lucky, once again, to have such a well mannered baby. I think things just have to be that way or I would be in the looney bin and my girls would not have a mommy.:)
Here are some of her highlights so far.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summertime Fun!

We have had a lot of fun this summer. The girls have spent a lot of time in the backyard playing in the little pool and on the slip and slide. We had a fun trip to Utah where we got to go to a really cool family reunion and spend so much time with cousins.

We had fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house and Bella got to have her birthday party there. She had a "water" themed party. We did slip and slide and water balloon games and she even had an ariel cake. Bella turned six and is enjoying being older. She still had a very hard time waiting until it was time to open her presents. That was really all she cared about. I guess she will need to be a few years older before she gets past that. She is such a good big sister to Gracie and cannot wait to help with the new baby coming next week. (hopefully!!!) She starts first grade next week and is excited to make new friends and meet her new teacher.

Utah was the only trip we took this summer and since then we have been enjoying a regular schedule at home and just making preparations for another baby to join the family. I figured I would make some documentation of the summer and now you can stay tuned for the new arrival. Hopefully she won't be 4 months old before I actually post about her. :)

Looking Back