Thursday, April 8, 2010


The girls had a lot of fun coloring Easter eggs this year. I bought an egg coloring kit last year with some cool sparkly paint in it but we never got around to doing eggs last year. So I pulled it out this year and sadly the paint was all dried up. I improvised and got out the glitter glue and let the girls go to town.
We had a very fun Easter at my sisters house. The girls were so happy to play with cousins. After conference we had an very yummy dinner and then did an indoor easter egg hunt for the kids since it was raining really hard - all day! They had a lot of fun and ended up with way too much candy! I don't know why I always buy so much candy because I end up eating a ton of it - wait, maybe that's why I always buy so much candy.:)

We had so much fun having Abuela here with us over Easter. The girls absolutely love having her here and once Tess got over her first little cry of seeing her when she first got here she was her best buddy.


Lori Lou said...

Tess looks so sweet!! Oh, I can't wait to see you guys.

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