Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th of July!

We had a lot of fun on the 4th. We were all dressed red, white, and blue and we went out to breakfast. The girls ate and ate and we ate and ate.

Why is it always eaiser for Dad to pose with the kids than Mom? I always just end up looking like a dork.

I just love these two cuties!

After our breakfast we spent the afternoon swimming. I have started to think that I have two little fish instead of two little girls. They love the pool! Thank heavens for that.

After swimming we had a very fun little picnic with our friends. We found a park that was not packed with people and had fun eating, playing with the ducks, and playing frisbee. At one point the ducks were certain we were going to share our picnic and came right up to our blanket and started chopping at the edge of the blanket. It scared the kids to death and we shewed them away quickly. After our picnic we went home and did some simple fireworks of our own. The kids loved it and at one point Bella leaned to me and said, "we are very much enjoying this day." We sure did enjoy our day! We love living in America and are glad there is a day to celebrate it.

A Magical Party!

We had so much fun at Bella's birthday party. The kids looked adorable in their wizard hats and they absolutely loved making their own potions with the instruction of our master wizard and potion maker. They made Wunderbard's Dancing Pants Potion and Aria's Potion of Superb Singing. The kids showed all their new dancing moves after drinking the potion and we had fun laughing. It was definitely worth all the preparation it took.

Dancing Queen

Isabella had a lot of fun at her dance recital. She was very cute on the stage. We had to practice a lot at home, let's just say she is something less than a natural at dancing. We worked hard on it and she ended up doing a great job. I was determined not to have my daughter be the one standing on stage looking like they had no clue what was going on and making everyone stare and laugh at them instead of seeing the cute girls dance. She did not disappoint me.
She had fun coming up with her own poses for pictures. She does much better at freestyle stuff than a choreographed number.
This is Bella saying, "Mom, I am so done taking pictures!" But in Bella fashion she says things with her face instead of her mouth.
Her very favorite part of the whole thing though was getting flowers at the end. She felt very special and would not accept any help holding them. We went out to eat after the recital and she asked if she could bring them in the restaurant. She really loved them.

Looking Back