Friday, August 29, 2008

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

I had an awesome thirtieth birthday! Thanks to wondeful family and friends I didn't feel depressed at all about turning thirty. Actually I have so many reasons to be happy I never really was feeling down about it. I am so grateful to have a sweet little family in my little apartment in California, and so blessed to have a wonderful big family that grew up in a big house in Utah. I love them all! I am also having a blast living in Folsom right now. I am surronded by wonderful people and they all know how to have fun and I love it. I am certain that my 30's will be even better than my 20's. I may have to start looking into better facial creams and start dying my hair, but other than that it is going to be great!

First Lost Tooth

I cannot believe that Bella already lost a tooth! It was a little tramatic at first but it all ended well. She was really afraid of the tooth coming out because I had mentioned that when your teeth start falling out that means you are a big kid. She is quite happy being a little person right now and she got very teary and said, "Mom, I don't want to be a big kid, I want to stay a little kid." I assurred her that she still had a while of being a little kid and that it was ok to lose a tooth. She especially felt better about it when I told her we could go to the store and pick out a special toothfairy pillow. When I first saw this pillow in the store I thought that would be quite a bump under her pillow and maybe not so comfortable. Then the salesperson told me that it was to hang on the doorknob and I thought, "Brilliant!" Then I quickly urged Bella to pick that one.:) She was a little disappointed when the toothfairy only left her one dollar?!? What was she expecting?

Here is a little clip of Bella telling her version of her lost tooth story. This was taken with my new little flip video camera, which I think is pretty sweet so far. You can now look forward to several more video clips from the Gibson fam.:)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Silly things we do!

So one of the silly things I did recently was go to the Release of Breaking Dawn. I was invited by a friend and we got a group together and had a blast. We were pretty much the oldest ones there but oh well, right. We were thrilled to be given our vampire teeth by the lady telling fortunes who guessed our age and guessed anywhere from 5 to 10 years younger then we actually are. What a gal! Then we only had to wait in line for about an hour for our book and we were excited but none of us shreiked with joy like some of the 14 yr olds did. Good Times!

I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about the book. It was very long. I am not sure why it needed to be so long, and there were a few things that when I read I was like, really? But overall I was entertained completely and I felt many different emotions and that is really all I ask of from a book. Mostly I think my girls were glad to have me done reading so that I would pay a little attention to them. :)

First Day of School

Bella has been so excited for her first day of school! She could hardly wait for the weekend to be over so she could go today. I asked her a few questions when she got home and this is what she said.
How was your first day of school?
Did you have fun?
What was your favorite part?
-Playing with the Polly Pockets.
Who will be one of your best friends?
-Ellie. (A friend from church that we are thrilled to have in her class.)
Who are some new friends you met?
-I don't know. I made friends but everytime I heard their name I just forgot it.
Was your teacher nice?
What did you like best about her?
-I heard that she is good at some things.
So as you can see, I am looking forward to being VERY informed about all the happenings in Mrs. Hodur's afternoon kindergarten class. I think I will need to do some volunteering inthe classroom if I want to really know how things are.:)

Doesn't she look cute. The perfect little kindergartener.
There was no way that Gracie was going to miss out on these photo ops. When it was time to leave she would not give Bella her backpack. Luckily we have another one and I quickly grabbed it and through some things in it for her to carry. She lined right up with the rest of the kids outside the door and was willing and ready to go to kindergarten. She settled for a trip to Walmart instead.

Summer Fun in Utah!

We sure do love visiting Utah. We had a ton of fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house, going to Bear Lake, playing with cousins and visiting Abuela! I'm sad to say that I did not pull the camera out as much as I should have, but that just means we were having too much fun to even think about it. Or maybe I was just relaxing too much with all the people around to entertain the kids.:)

Looking Back