Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Hangin' Out

So there is nothing amazing to report that is going on but I am trying not to let forever go by without posting again. We are just hangin' out and playing with this cute baby. She is just like most babies I know.... bi-polar!! One second she is as happy as can be and the next she is crying and just wants to be held. Oh well, we are still having fun with her. Her big sisters absolutely adore her. Isabella can't wait to see her everyday after school. Bytheway, she cannot pull herself up to the couch like that. I propped her up there and she was pretty tickled about it. She wishes she could do those things but she is still just a little squirt.

Our wednesdays and thursdays are pretty boring and lonely lately. Bryan is working in Newport Beach on those days every week for now. None of us deal with being apart very well so hopefully it won't last too long. I am a pretty boring mom and the girls really miss him while he is away. He makes things fun and exciting at home. We have a whole new appreciation for the song, "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home."


Natalie said...

Mel - Any news on where Bryan's work might be taking you? Send me an email when you get a minute. And I know you are a fun mom... You have the Halloween pictures to prove it! Oh, and do you get BYU Alumni Magazine? Did you see the spread on China?

Maylin said...

Tess is so stinkin' cute! She falls right into the "cute line" with Gracie and Bella. I love your girls!

And you are not a boring mom--you are the best! But it definitely is hard to maintain the energy and it's nice to see a fresh (daddy) face at the end of the day.

Famous Amos said...

Um, pretty sure you are not a boring mom! Tess is so cute and it has been so fun catching up on your blog. I haven't been in the "blogging mood" lately either but I am vowing to come back...for now! Your remark about your 8 year old journal made me laugh out LOUD! Have a good day!

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