Saturday, March 28, 2009

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So excited!

We are so happy to be having another girl. We really like the girl groove we are in and hope this one will fit right into it. There are so many adorable little boys out there and I think you all are doing an amazing job with them. I will let everyone else keep doing that and I will try my best to help my girls grow up to be the kind of girls that your cute boys will want to marry someday. :)

Thank goodness we will get more use out of all the adorable pink ruffles we have everywhere around here!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Walt Disney World 2009

We recently returned from an awesome trip to Florida where we experienced all of the magic that Disney has to offer. We got to take an 8 day trip and it really was fun. The girls loved it and have not stopped talking about it since. Gracie loved seeing the characters and giving them hugs. She prefers not to smile for the camera but don't mistake that for her not having a good time, she loved it. Bella had a great time and was a real trooper going on most of the "scary rides." Her favorite this trip was splash mountain. We rode it three times and were lucky enough not to get wet any of those times. She liked just the little spashed she got on her face and that was as wet as we got. It was a good thing too becuase it was quite cold as far as Florida weather goes. We did get pretty chilly the last few days but it didn' t really stop us from having fun.

We had the ultimate Disney dining experience. We ate and ate and ate. We did the prepaid meal plan and it was awesome. It kept things so simple and made it feel like you weren't paying for your food since it was already paid for. :) We did eat way too much though, it turns out that being on Disney's meal plan for a whole week does terrible things to your weight gain during pregnancy, YIKES! I have been learning to adjust my caloric intake since I have been home. :)

Here are a bunch of pictures from the trip. We are a family that loves Disney so I don't know if you can take our word for it but it really is a very happy, magical place. Gracie and I could not get enough of Cinderella's Castle!

Looking Back